Behind the Scenes in Champagne

In my first-ever piece for Serious Drinks, I looked into the history and process behind the bubbles, the very things that make Champagne so unique: “It’s easy to forget that Champagne is diverse; the regional name often overshadows the variety of flavors and types of wines that are made here.”

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Visiting Champagne

A visit to the French region of Champagne, visiting houses and growers, caves and restaurants, offers a little glimpse into the places that make these very specific wines. With their somber countenance and chic looks, the Champenois embody the seriousness with which Champagne is produced and marketed. No region in world is known so much for such internationally acclaimed brands, whose producers seek to create the same quality and style of wine year in and year out. They painstakingly blend grapes and vintages for the perfect base wine, and then they wait. The patience that is required to make these wines, letting some age for up to ten years, is the ultimate expression of refinement. Continue reading