2006 Casal Novo Godello

Looking for a white wine amongst the bottles I had lying around, I realized I had this 2006 Godello from Spain’s Valdeorras region, put down and forgotten for a few years. Valdeorras is a denominación de origen (DO) from Galicia, in the country’s coastal, northwest region, and wines made of Godello tend to have the big stone and tree fruit of their more famous coastal compatriot Albariño, but with an greater level of acidity. Continue reading

A Round-Up of Recent Articles

On Saveur.com:

Champagne is a supremely great wine to pair with food, and—particularly great for Thanksgiving—its sparkling style transitions easily among different flavors and textures. Bottles may vary in style, body, and sweetness, but a good, dry Brut goes nicely with almost anything. Typically high in acid and filled with soft bubbles, it can be tart and refreshing, a great palate cleanser between bites. Plus, you won’t have to worry about opening a bottle and not finishing it—at least, not if you have a crowd like mine. Full article here.

When it’s cold outside, I’m no longer looking for a refreshing drink; rather, I want to sip something rich and warming. This year, my solution is a rich, full-bodied pinot gris from Alsace: Zind-Humbrecht’s Pinot Gris Grand Cru is a mouthful, both in name and in flavor.
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A relative of sauvignon blanc, this pink-skinned grape produces a wine with a sweet, acidic nose, reminiscent of dried oranges and tangerines, fuller on the palate than its zippy brother—all around, this bottle is perfect for sipping on a cool late-summer evening, and goes great with oysters, mussels, and other richer seafoods.
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On Flavorwire.com:

Ever wonder what you’re supposed to look for when a server pours wine into your glass? Or had a mild panic attack when a clerk in a wine shop asks you what you’re looking for? Even if you know next to zero about wine, you still need to be able to order a glass. Check out our guide to faking your way through your next dinner date, from a few wine words to know to connoisseur-worthy deals. And if you’re talking to a wine snob at your next cocktail party, you may even be able to teach ‘em a thing or two.
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On Islands.com:

With only one day in New Zealand’s Marlborough wine region, I wanted to find a way to quickly connect with the land known for its beautifully acidic and fruity wines. More specifically, I was on the hunt to discover Marlborough’s aromatic varieties such as Riesling and Pinot Gris, most of which don’t make it to the United States.
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On YouTube’s Hungry Channel:

Not so much an article but a featured appearance as a judge for the Latke Challenge. Full video here.

How to Fake Like You Know Wine